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MEDIATOOL is a infinite solutions for playout and broadcast management. Based on our experience, we created a constantly developed tool to make your project faster deployment and scale.

We are providing automating workflows to integrate, accelerate and streamline processes, creating interfaces to replace manual tasks in broadcast environment.
Faster and smarter than ever before.

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Planning and managing is easier than ever.

In traditional management model, broadcaster utilizes extensive human resources for content, file, license and metadata management as well as playlist, promotional materials and commercial planning while also coordinating daily ongoing operations. In MEDIATOOL, all of those activities have been automated and simplified to maximum. Thanks to that, generation of daily playlists for single channel can easily be managed by one person, which significantly decreases the overall costs  of operation while increasing the productivity.


Content explorer

Automatically gathers broadcast files’ data and deposits them in an table of contents, enabling easy access to all of the most important information – reference code, duration time and the availability status. The module checks the integrity of the files and enables the preview of any video file.

Content manager

Being the first stage of planning process, this module, paired with Content Explorer, creates an integral system for program, promo, commercial, restriction and license managing. The intuitive division of the working area into three sections allows for definition of a number of rules and principles, this includes pre-definable commercial breaks, metadata, SCTE markers, music cues and EPG in multiple languages.  Content managed allows for categorizing, grouping, and managing the data using a number of powerful search filters.


With the Planner module, you can easily plan daily, weekly or even monthly broadcast schedule. A widespread drag and drop method of interaction significantly speeds up and facilitates everyday planning tasks. Thanks to Auto fill and Fill out functions the process of defining commercial break patters, SCTE markers and filling the broadcast schedule takes no more than few seconds. Exporting complete, fully checked playlist requires only one mouse-click.


Workflow and Task board are both integrally connected with Content Manager and Planner modules. With help of this tool, you can easily schedule tasks for technicians, commenters, editors and other staff members. System is integrated with SMS server, which automatically notifies your team of any changes in work plan.

On screen

On screen in an independent module, which enables the ability to show user defined on-screen graphics on the fly. Working on it’s own, ready to implement with any statistics’ system. On screen is integrated with multichannel preview of playout system and also is compatible with other reference sources.

Playlist checker

Supporting the everyday job of broadcast operator, playlist checker is capable of checking and comparing playlists with just one click. The real-time tracking process notes every change made to the playlist and alerts via real-time notifications of any problems appearing on playlist, which allows for instant reaction, therefore reduces the chances of  a mistake to minimum. The current status of all of the channels is always available via Dashboard.
Operated Channels
Tasks Finished
Coups of Coffee
Working Hours

UI is easy and pleasurable to use by focusing on key things. Want to add the new event to the schedule?
Just one click. Did you booked it? Mark it by one click. Want to inform your crew by email, SMS? One click.
Everything is simplified to save your time.

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